More on Water

Let’s talk water….

 Our body is 75% Water!
Our brain is 85% Water!

Fascinating, right?!? There are a lot of differing opinions on water. Everyone is different and has different needs.

It is recommended to get 8-10 glasses of water a day. Sometimes more and i believe never  less. If you are on a raw food diet, you will need less water than someone who does not eat hydrating foods. If you work out in the sun all day long, you will certainly need more water than someone who works in an office. Common sense should reign here.

As I mentioned last week if you are thirsty, it probably means you have waited too long and you are dehydrated. So, drink before you are thirsty.

Let’s get personal here, a great indicator of whether you are needing more water is to check when you go to the bathroom (number 1), clear is good, cloudy means you need more water. Knowing how much water you need is pretty easy. It is selecting the type of water to drink that gets a little tricky.

Soda, coffee, tea, Kool-Aid are NOT water. By adding something to the water we are taking away the hydrating quality, so don’t count that can of soda or juice glass as one of your eight glasses of waters, it may actually increase your need for water.

Tap water

Comes out of the faucets and has been treated, processed and disinfected. It is purified with chlorine and has added fluoride.

Distilled water

Vaporized and collected, all of the minerals are taken out of distilled water.

Bottled water

Not as clean as they advertise. Plastic bottles are poison, especially when hot. Most lack minerals.

Reverse osmosis

Forced through filters that remove larger particles, pollutants and minerals. Most water is alkaline, reverse osmosis is not.

Deionized water

Ionized impurities and minerals removed, bacteria or pathogens remain.

Spring water

Clean, natural and pure, it has minerals, magnesium, potassium and sodium.

It would be very difficult to obtain all of our minerals from water. We just can’t drink that much in a day. We should rely primarily on foods for these nutrients.

 David Wolfe says “spring water only”.

“Almost all-municipal water in is of high quality and very drinkable. The best source of specific information about the water quality in your area is your local water supplier. Water suppliers are required to send their customer an annual water quality report. Contact your water supplier to get a copy, or see if your report is posted on line. “ Dr. Batmanghelidj of The Water Cure.

Although bottled water is very handy, there is a lot of concern about bpa’s in the bottles, especially in bottles that have been in the heat. I think of all the bottles I drank from after carrying them in my car on 105 degree days…

While there is debate on what is and isn’t the best water to drink, it is undeniable that water is a necessity of life and we should be drinking plenty of it.


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Great way to lose weight and fight fatigue

     The best way to lose weight and fight fatigue, catchy tittle? You want the answer? It is simple, and you might just think no this again. But because it is simple concept we tend to forget it. Or even worse let it go by without remembering how important it is. The answer


     Yes I know, you have heard it before and you know about it, but then why don’t you drink more water. I know we all forget, we all think I will have some later, or I am not really thirsty. You know that when thirst strikes you have already started the dehydration process. In a perfect world our body should be refueled with water little by little during the day. Most of us spend many hours without a sip of water and we start to feel thirsty we just gulp down a glass of two, which is better than none but not the perfect scenario. And not only that many people believe that the water in soups, juices, teas and fruits also count as your “water intake”, which is true to some degree (if you are in the desert and have a juice piece of watermelon of course it will rehydrate you.

     But look at it this way, water helps our bodies flush toxins out, it activates our digestion, it stimulates our metabolism. It basically cleanses our body. Imagine cleaning your floors with tea, or washing your dishes with juice, it will rinse some of the grime on them, but it will still leave some kind of residue on them. It is the same with our bodies. If we want water to really help us rid of all unwanted toxins, fat, and waste mater then we need to drink clean pure water. When your body has all the clean water it needs, then your systems (digestive, lymphatic etc) can do all the work smoothly, no extra energy is needed and that means less fatigue. So from now on keep a water bottle (glass is always better) with you during the day, keep drinking clean water, and you will start looking and feeling amazing.

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Lossing vs Letting go

When you think about it the thing women want to LOOSE the most is … drum-roll … is weight. Yes, we all want, have wanted or will want to loose some weight at some point in our lives. Many times this want is followed by a sad failure, which leads into a little more extra weight gained, which makes it even more difficult to loose the weight the next time around. It is a terrible vicious cycle, and if you have been there you KNOW how frustrating and depressing those extra pounds can be.


While I was working on my 12 day detox plan (more on that later), I came to realize that loosing weight is kind-of a contradiction. Wait, wait… let me explain. We spend many hours of our life looking for things we ave lost, our keys, our cell-phone, cash, homework, a report, your favorite t-shirt, socks, you name it. We also spend a lot of time finding things we never lost, but we wish we had, so we look for them as if we already had them, money, love, health, you get the point. we never actually want to lose anything, we want to keep everything well placed were we can see it and were we can reach it when we need it. Everything but our bulges and those unwelcome pounds, everything but our weight.

So I came to the conclusion, that our brain and therefore our body gets confused when we keep telling it we want to lose weight, we want to lose the muffin top, we want to lose those last 5 pounds. Our mind instead of telling the body to “lose” the weight, it asks it to keeps holding on to it. What if we ask our mind to LET GO the extra weight, let go the cellulite, let go those annoying bulges. It would make more sense, wouldn’t it? So from now on, stop trying to lose weight, and start letting it go. Start mentally picturing how you body releases of all those things you don’t want. Remember Mind over Matter… where the mind goes- the body follows. You’ll see how everything changes.

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Guiltless Fudge Cups

GuiltlessFudgecups2I have to confess, I am a choco-holic, there you have it. I am a health-coach with a chocolate obsession. Before you make any conclusions let me explain. In the past chocolate ruled my life, we had a love-hate relationship. I ate it, then I felt so guilty. I would have a whole bag of chocolate, feel sick and the next day run to the gym. It was bad. Until I learned the truth about chocolate, well about cacao. Cacao the fruit that gives us chocolate is actually a super food. Raw chocolate that is, has one of the highest levels of antioxidants in the planet, and it also has more than 300 nutritional elements. But please remember that it needs to be raw, and at least 70% cacao. After learning these my view of chocolate completely changed. I understood that if I had it raw, combined with the right ingredients it was actually good for me. I began to experiment, and this is how this recipe came about. It is a perfect treat, dessert, or after-school snack. Packed with antioxidants and protein, is the perfect choice when you are looking for a healthy yummy treat. My girls love it, and I am guiltless about giving it to them.

One great thing about this recipe is you can make it with rice malt syrup to lower the sugar content or with raw honey. Also because all the ingredients are raw you can actually try it as you go and adjust the sweetness. I also use a little bit of stevia to omit some of the sugar content.

1 cup organic virgin coconut oil (it actually boost your metabolism, so no worries)
1/2 cup coconut cream (I use the light variety, just make sure the can has a BPA free lining I use this brand, if you have a high power blender you could make your own coconut milk/cream with 1/2 raw shredded coconut and 1/2 cup of water mix it well until a creamy consistency is formed)
3/4 cup Raw cacao powder
2 tbs raw sesame seeds
2 tbs raw hemp seeds
2 tbs cacao nibs
3 scoops raw protein powder (I love Sunwarrior protein, it is a complete raw protein and has a great texture)
1 1/2 – 3 tsp Stevia granules (NuNaturals has a great taste)
3 tbs Rice Malt Syrup, or 2tbs Raw Honey.
pinch of salt (Pink Himalayan sea salt is my fav)

First mix all the wet ingredients in a blender, add the raw protein powder and be sure it is mixed well before adding the raw cacao powder. When you see there are no lumps you can start adding the sweeteners, I always start with the stevia, and then adjust the flower and sweetness with the rice syrup or honey. Finally add the seeds and nibs, just mix to combine, they add great crunchiness to the mixture.

Line a muffin/cupcake pan (12) with paper-cups and pour the mixture into each cup, filling it half way.

Freeze for at least 3 hours, and you are ready to try them. Keep them in the freezer in an air tight container.

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