Say bye-bye to cellulite with a brush

The title got your attention, bye to cellulite with a brush, that simple that easy. Dry-body-brushing that is. I know it sounds to good to be truth, but give it a try and you’ll be amazed with all the great benefits you will get.

Well yes, let’s start from the very beginning here.

What is Cellulite? Simply said it is deposits if unhealthy fats layered between the skin and muscle tissues. It is not about luck almost 90% of women have it, and it is not tied to the number on the scale even skinny girls can also have some not-so-cute dimples.

Some of the best ways to eliminate cellulite are:

1-     Lifting weights, more muscles mean less fatty deposits.

2-     Drinking lots of water, and eating water rich foods (think watermelon, cucumbers, plums, mangos)

3-     Get rid of toxins, here comes the fun part. You know your skin is your largest detoxification organ, yep it is! Dry body brushing boosts circulation and re-activates the lymphatic system, which help your body eliminate toxins and fat. Also dry body brushing gets rid of dead skin cells, and leaves you with baby-soft-glowing skin.

How to do it? Super simple, get a dry body brush like this one, a long handle is always best. The best time to do dry body brushing is in the mornings before you shower (if you shower later in the day, go ahead do it then). The idea is to get the blood flowing towards the heart, so start at your feet using small circular movements and keep going up (soles of feet, legs, arms, hands, buttocks, back and stomach). Remember to be gentle around sensitive skin areas. After you are done you will actually feel how your circulation has been stimulated, and there is a tingling sensation around your body (it means it’s working). Follow your brushing with some kind of water therapy (shower or bath), and be sure to hydrate your skin. I love applying organic jojoba oil after (love this one). There you have it, easy and good for you.

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beware of Fluoride in our water

I had heard about the concerns of the amounts of fluoride in our water. But it wasn’t until I saw this video, that I became aware that it is actually a huge concern. To top that I recently took my older daughter to the dentist. While there I asked the dentist about this little white spots my daughter had in her two new front teeth. Her response shocked me, she said “don’t worry they are due to the high levels of fluoride”. I mentioned I don’t really give her any fluoride (try to use fluoride free toothpaste, and have never used it as a supplement). And she said very matter-of-factly “it is in the water”. I guess now I need to get a water filter that eliminates fluoride.

“Unlike all other water treatment processes, fluoridation does not treat the water itself, but the person consuming it. The Food & Drug Administration accepts that fluoride is a drug, not a nutrient, when used to prevent disease. By definition, therefore, fluoridating water is a form of mass medication. This is why most western European nations have rejected the practice — because, in their view, adding a drug to everyone’s water supply violates the basic medical tenet that each individual has a right to “informed consent.” source

Fluoride has tremendous effects on the human body:

“Fluoride is a class 2 poison, it is extremely biochemically reactive in the body and only marginally less poisonous than arsenic. It also makes bones more brittle and has led to a marked increase in dental fluorosis (fluoride poisoning), affecting up to 48% of people in fluoridated areas. You should look in the mirror. If you have white flecks in your teeth then you could well have fluoride poisoning, and that is a potential health risk. If fluoride poisoning is showing in your teeth, then it is like the tip of a toxic fluoride iceberg in many of your body’s bones and organs.” source

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Scary facts

One of my good friends lend me a Newsweek article about the Obesity epidemic in our Nation. I think I live in somewhat of a bubble when it comes to eating. Growing up my family was always on the healthier side, my mom has been eating veggies and salads as long as I can remember. We had a family farm that provided us with fresh produce, and dairy products. I was always an environmentalist at heart, so when I started learning more at school about the meat industry and everything that came with it, I stopped eating meat. And now that I have my own family I pay extra-attention to what I feed my girls, and go the extra mile to get the healthiest options available. So I think I have always been on the health wagon, not really paying much attention to what everyone else was eating. But after reading this article I was completely blown away by the truth of what the regular person eats on a regular day.

Here are some stats on that:

  • The Coast Guard now assumes the average boat passenger weighs 185lbs, up from 160lbs in place since 1960.
  • More than a quarter of all Americans age 17-24 are unqualified for military service because of their weight.
  • The university of Alabama at Birmingham Hospital has replaced wall mounter toilets with floor models that can hold at least 250 lbs.
  • About $5 billion more is spent every year in the jet fuel needed to flu Americans, compared with 1960 weights.

Scary, isn’t it. Change your diet, change your life.

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