food tour


So you decided to start eating healthy, but where do you begin? You like what you eat, but you know is not the best for you and your family, are there any healthier versions?

Do you get confused as to where to go and what to buy when shopping for food? Unsure how to take the next steps into healthy eating and need some guidance?

Ready to make the changes, but everything seems so expensive, specially when feeding a family, how to save?

I can help you with a guided health food shopping tour. Together we visit your local grocery store and I will  take the confusion out of healthy living. Together we can explore the local options available for you and find ways to incorporate them into your diet through recipes and ongoing support.

  • Get to know your local grocery store, and what other options are available
  • Experience new varieties of fresh fruit, veg and produce – learn new ways to incorporate them into your diet and understand the nutritional benefit
  • Experience a health food shop and learn how to weed through the mine-field of information
  • Learn to read labels, that way you can make better decisions
  • Where do you save and where do you splurge, we will help you to make an informed choice

To decide if you are in need of an educational and exciting food tour.

I invite you to schedule a free breakthrough session and we can discuss your health and lifestyle to determine how I can support you reach your wellness goals.