pantry make-over


Out with the old, in with the new! Sometimes it’s difficult to eat well when we are tempted by all the unhealthy foods in our kitchen! Let’s clean out all the unwanted stuff, and bring new flavor-full ingredients. Let’s fill your pantry with food that is healthy and delicious. So eating healthy comes naturally and stops being a task.

It is much easier to start a clean healthy diet when we take out the old and bring in new ideas to fill your kitchen cabinets.

Your 2 hour session includes:

  1. An informative and light-hearted critique of the contents of your refrigerator/cupboards
  2. A chance to discuss your current health concerns and goals
  3. Notes + handy tips
  4. An analysis of your cookware and food storage containers
  5. Hands-on clean out of your pantry, fridge and shelves where we highlight the good, the bad and the ugly!

If you and your kitchen are ready for a make-over and start over in a new healthy way, don’t waste time and contact me now.



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