beware of Fluoride in our water

I had heard about the concerns of the amounts of fluoride in our water. But it wasn’t until I saw this video, that I became aware that it is actually a huge concern. To top that I recently took my older daughter to the dentist. While there I asked the dentist about this little white spots my daughter had in her two new front teeth. Her response shocked me, she said “don’t worry they are due to the high levels of fluoride”. I mentioned I don’t really give her any fluoride (try to use fluoride free toothpaste, and have never used it as a supplement). And she said very matter-of-factly “it is in the water”. I guess now I need to get a water filter that eliminates fluoride.

“Unlike all other water treatment processes, fluoridation does not treat the water itself, but the person consuming it. The Food & Drug Administration accepts that fluoride is a drug, not a nutrient, when used to prevent disease. By definition, therefore, fluoridating water is a form of mass medication. This is why most western European nations have rejected the practice — because, in their view, adding a drug to everyone’s water supply violates the basic medical tenet that each individual has a right to “informed consent.” source

Fluoride has tremendous effects on the human body:

“Fluoride is a class 2 poison, it is extremely biochemically reactive in the body and only marginally less poisonous than arsenic. It also makes bones more brittle and has led to a marked increase in dental fluorosis (fluoride poisoning), affecting up to 48% of people in fluoridated areas. You should look in the mirror. If you have white flecks in your teeth then you could well have fluoride poisoning, and that is a potential health risk. If fluoride poisoning is showing in your teeth, then it is like the tip of a toxic fluoride iceberg in many of your body’s bones and organs.” source

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what can curcumin do for you?

Have you heard about Turmeric? If you haven’t heard from it I am sure you have tasted it. It is a spice used regularly in Indian food (is what gives curry its yellowish-orange color). Turmeric has been used for years in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine. It has high anti-inflammatory properties, and has been used to treat conditions, including flatulence, jaundice, menstrual difficulties, bloody urine, hemorrhage, toothache, bruises, chest pain, and colic. Studies have also found Turmeric can inhibit cancer cell growth and metastases.

New studies have also found that Curcumin a compound found in Turmeric, is effective in stopping the progression of Parkinson’s disease and can even inhibit the accumulation of beta amyloids in the brains of Alzheimer’s disease patients.

Adding turmeric to your diet is an easy way to stay healthy and protect your self from inflamation. You can add turmeric powder to your soups, stews and I always add some when I marinate meat. You can also buy turmeric capsules, and take them daily.

Sources here and here

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fast+easy=delicious salad

have you heard about super foods? i will talk about them in another post. there are some many of them. packed with nutrients, vitamins and flavor. now that the casahealthy girls are back in school, i seem to be having lunch later and later every day. i prefer to wait until they get home and have their snack so i can have my lunch with them. but at the same time i don’t want to spend so much time on me, so today i came up with a great way to get a yummy-fresh lunch, filled with all the goodness of superfoods.

organic arugula salad, topped with raw gojiberries, raw cacao nibs, raw dry coconut and walnuts. some organic olive oil and balsamic vinager.

i can’t even tell you how good it was, even my girls had some. chocolate with salad… a great way to get kids to eat their greens.

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coconut love

I grew up going to the beach in Ecuador, and coconuts were sold everywhere. I remember they were so fresh and cheap, less than $.50, can you believe it. The sad part is that when I was growing up coconuts were a No-No food. Everyone was worried about its fat content and even though I drank the fresh water, I rarely ate the delicious food/meat inside of it. Today coconuts are a power star and a must in anyone’s diet. Filled with super good-for-you fats, nutrients and vitamins. coconuts have become the new rock-star on the health food store.

The other day i went to visit a friend and realized that they were cutting down all the coconuts of the palm trees of her street, I asked the nice man working there what were they doing with the coconuts once they had cut them down. He gave me  a bizarre look, and pointed the truck and said -leave them in the trash. Woo-hoo I stroke gold. I asked him if I could take some, and said yes. so here it is, our little coconut heaven. everyone is enjoying it.


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morning glory

Since I bought my lovely (and very useful) vitamix, I and the rest of the CasaHealthy family have been enjoying a morning treat. Our deliciously-green-vitamin&enzyme-pack smoothie. yum. So GOOD. We all drink it and love it. I can swear to you since it became a part of our morning ritual there have been no more colds-flues-or-anykind ofsickness. And the girls in the house are enjoying really fast growing nails and shiny hair.

Have you tried a fresh-smoothie lately? Give it a go. It is a great way to pack on vitamins and nutrients in an easy, and super fast delicious way.

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