eating chocolate makes you smart

Raw Chocolate  So all this time you thought that eating chocolate only made your bum look bigger, but research suggests that eating chocolate makes you SMART. Yes   smart, you read that right. Consuming chocolate has even been linked to being able to obtain a Noble Prize based on this research. Switzerland is the country that consumes the most chocolate, and at the same time it’s people have won the highest numbers of Noble Prices. Not bad… not bad at all. This brain boosting power comes from the Flavonoids in chocolate.
So before you go crazy on the chocolate munching take into consideration this:


  • Buy Organic Raw chocolate whenever you can. It has the highest number of flavonoids and minerals.
  • Consume 70% dark chocolate
  • Remember chocolate is a stimulant so don’t go eating too much before bedtime, it will disturb your sleep.
  • You can always add raw cacao powder to your smoothies and get the same benefits.
  • Incorporate raw cacao nibs into your salads, snacks and recipes.

So go ahead and enjoy some chocolate, who knows you might be the next Nobel Prize winner.

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Some inspiration

It is hard to loose track of your wellness goals while the Holidays are hear. Too many late nights, plates of deliciously-unhealthy foods and many bottles of wine later you may start to wonder if it is even worth following your healthy routine during this time. I always seem to do better when I see others doing it to, it is like the energy forces get together and give me some “wellness-strength”. I think that I am going to have this video on my computer from now until Jan, just to remind me of all the things possible when living a healthy lifestyle. Get inspired.

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