coconut love

I grew up going to the beach in Ecuador, and coconuts were sold everywhere. I remember they were so fresh and cheap, less than $.50, can you believe it. The sad part is that when I was growing up coconuts were a No-No food. Everyone was worried about its fat content and even though I drank the fresh water, I rarely ate the delicious food/meat inside of it. Today coconuts are a power star and a must in anyone’s diet. Filled with super good-for-you fats, nutrients and vitamins. coconuts have become the new rock-star on the health food store.

The other day i went to visit a friend and realized that they were cutting down all the coconuts of the palm trees of her street, I asked the nice man working there what were they doing with the coconuts once they had cut them down. He gave me  a bizarre look, and pointed the truck and said -leave them in the trash. Woo-hoo I stroke gold. I asked him if I could take some, and said yes. so here it is, our little coconut heaven. everyone is enjoying it.


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morning glory

Since I bought my lovely (and very useful) vitamix, I and the rest of the CasaHealthy family have been enjoying a morning treat. Our deliciously-green-vitamin&enzyme-pack smoothie. yum. So GOOD. We all drink it and love it. I can swear to you since it became a part of our morning ritual there have been no more colds-flues-or-anykind ofsickness. And the girls in the house are enjoying really fast growing nails and shiny hair.

Have you tried a fresh-smoothie lately? Give it a go. It is a great way to pack on vitamins and nutrients in an easy, and super fast delicious way.

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