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Make a cake and eat it too

Birthdays are supposed to be enjoyed? Right? I agree a 100% with that. But birthdays should also be a day to really love your body- remembering it has carried your soul for so many years, remembering all the places it has taken you, the experiences you have had and all the emotions you have been able to feel thanks to your body. Birthdays are a time to celebrate- and for me celebration ... Read More about Make a cake and eat it too


It’s time to get back to it. We are born in complete connection with the universe. In complete connection with our spirit. In complete connection with our intuition. As we grow we stop listening to that voice inside, And start listening to everything around us. We loose touch. We loose ourselves. Is time to go back, to reconnect. Is time to start listening to the voice ... Read More about Intuition

Lately this is my fave snack

This snack has rapidly become my favorite over the past weeks. I have always been a LOVER of green apples with almond butter. But this, this right here takes it to the NEXT level. The gooey combination of almond butter with #homemade #cocoyo plus the crunchiness of the apples. Well, Hello. I am addicted. To make it: 1 green apple cut into slices 2 tbs of almond butter 1/4 tsp pink ... Read More about Lately this is my fave snack

Strawberries- so much more than juicy

Who doesn’t LOVE strawberries? They are sweet, juicy and delicious. Most importantly they are a nutritional powerhouse- Packed with vitamins: A, B-complex and E Provide us with Zinc, Iron and Manganese Have tons of vitamin C- boosting the immune system and protecting us from colds, flu, virus and respiratory infections Packed with antioxidants- which enhance the ability of cells to ... Read More about Strawberries- so much more than juicy

Choosing what you eat

What are you eating?  Are you choosing real foods? Are you making your choices from a place of love rather than a place of fear? Stop asking- Will this food make me fat? Will this food make me break out? Will this food make me bloated? Will this food make my cellulite worst? All those questions come from a place of fear, and even before putting that food into your body you are creating ... Read More about Choosing what you eat

I want to get Nourishing Vibes